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New Mexico Limits Medical Cannabis Growers to 1,750 Plants

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A new law recently took effect in New Mexico that is limiting the state’s 35 medical marijuana growers to just 1,750 mature plants each. It’s a reduction of 750 plants per grower. The state may now face shortages of medicine for its 76,000 patients.

A recent ruling says that the state must accept out-of-state patients, which may also put a strain on supply with the new plant limitations, U.S. News & World Report reported.

The new ruling does give the New Mexico Health Department a month to petition the court to change its mind. Governor Grisham filed a motion saying that the medical marijuana program’s current director, Kenny Vigil, does not have the authority to “address law enforcement concerns, approve regulatory action or direct health care policy” for the state.

It’s unknown, at this time, what impact the 750-plant reduction per grower will have for the state’s medical marijuana patients – only time will tell.