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New Mexico Dispensaries Surpass $50 Million in Sales in 2018


Patient enrollment in New Mexico’s medical marijuana program has continued to grow steadily. That growth has helped the state reach $51 million in sales in the first half of 2018. This shows an increase in sales of 27-percent.

Five of the state’s commercial producers account for 78-percent of the sales increase numbers, according to Green Market Report. As of June 30, the state showed 54,857 patients. Patient enrollment has also increased 24-percent.

Duke Rodriguez of Ultra Health said, “Providing patients with affordable, safe, and accessible medicine has been the intention of legislators since the inception of the program. Moving forward, success will be defined by the quality of life of the physical, mental and social well-being of each patient rather than merely the number of patients served.”

Ultra Health is leading other providers in sales. The company has noted an 80-percent increase in sales. Ultra Health has led the state in sales for three years in a row.

Some believe that the swift patient base increase is making it hard for producers to keep up with demand. It is speculated that some may still be obtaining their medicine though the black market.

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