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New Mexico Experts Think Medical Marijuana Program Is Safe

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Industry experts in New Mexico believe that the medical marijuana program is safe because the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer Amendment remains in effect. But that’s only if Congress renews this amendment on January 19.

All of New Mexico’s Democratic members of Congress support keeping medical marijuana legal, Albuquerque Journal reports. Experts said that continuing the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer Amendment isn’t certain. They also said that continuing the amendment isn’t a likely trigger to approval of the budget bill with the provision included.

A spokesperson for the Justice Department said, “The Justice Department will not violate any federal laws in order to pursue marijuana related prosecutions, including in the context of the Rohrabacher Amendment (medical marijuana). “

Ultra Health, according to its spokesperson Melissa Novel, isn’t concerned about federal interference.

Novel said, “We don’t see that there is a whole lot to worry about. We abide by the state law. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ actions are troubling, indeed, and the reality remains that in the absence of federal laws that could and should be passed to resolve this industry’s legitimacy, nothing is really guaranteed.”

Morgan Fox, of Washington Marijuana Policy Project, said, “I don’t think that will happen, at least not for medical (marijuana), and particularly not for patients because state and local law enforcement aren’t going to do the job and the feds don’t have the resources to start going after patients. It’s also a PR nightmare for the Justice Department.”

A Pew Poll, including the opinions of just over 1,500 adults, was released on Friday indicating 61-percent of Americans support recreational and medical marijuana legalization.

Fox also said, “What this could result in is Congress taking a renewed interest in passing really comprehensive legislation that would allow states to determine their own marijuana policies without federal interference.”

A spokesperson for Representative Steve Pearce said, “The congressman has heard many stories of the positive value for some patients in medically prescribed marijuana – often called medical marijuana. It is the job of Congress to fund the government, and tacking on legislation like this (the Rohrabacher amendment) to make or break an important spending bill is a complicated factor.”