Tuesday , December 11 2018
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New Terpene Products Coming to New Mexico in 2018


New Mexico medical marijuana patients will have a new product to try in the coming months. Steep Hill and Eybna have partnered together to create a new product line called Delta. It involves introducing terpenes into extracted marijuana products in a customized fashion. Steep Hill is a leader in marijuana science, analytics and testing. Eybna is a global leader in terpene-based research and development.

Delta allows marijuana product manufacturers to customize terpene profiles to optimize the potential of some medical marijuana products, CBV reports. New Mexico medical marijuana patients will be able to purchase these products in 2018. Delta products will also be available in California, Alaska, Hawaii, Washington and Maryland.

Delta products are expected to expand to global markets, as well as in more U.S. states after the product line’s initial launch.

Nadav Eyal of Eybna said, “Using analysis from Steep Hill, Eybna will design a customized terpene formulation to assemble the exact materials lost within the process of cannabis extraction using terpenes from natural, non-cannabis origins. This formulation will be tailor-made to provide an optimal terpene mixture in the final product in order to approximate a ‘whole plant’ consumer experience.”

Eyal also said, “As core to our company’s mission, we are already seeing very positive results in our terpene product lines and as we release the Delta product, together we have the potential of changing the lives of millions of consumers worldwide.”

Jmichaele Keller of Steep Hill said, “The significance of this partnership is enormous for medical patients and cannabis consumers around the globe. For those of us who have worked tirelessly for safety and accuracy in the cannabis market, this product will offer consumers safe, tested, and customized terpene mixtures to return processed cannabis products more closely to the native plant. Some estimates place the number of terpenoids in cannabis at greater than 400, with specific terpenes such as Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Pinene having well documented medicinal benefits. This is a transforming moment for both companies and fits our mission to expand access of this powerful plant to those who need it for their health around the globe.”

During marijuana extraction processes, terpenes are often lost. By reintroducing terpenes, medicinal benefits and flavor are added back into the extracted product. Terpenes occur naturally in thousands of plants, flowers, herbs and other vegetation. Terpenes have known medicinal benefits. When combined properly, terpenes can be effective and help promote the entourage effect (whole plant medicine).