Thursday , July 18 2019
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New Mexico Doctors and Dispensaries Are Teaming Up for Cannabis

Santa Fe Marijuana Dispensary

Interest in the state’s medical marijuana program is increasing as it now has 44,403 patients, and growing.

Doctors and dispensaries are teaming up to help make the process faster, according to Santa Fe Reporter.

Dr. Benson Diatz is in the process of creating a documentary about medical marijuana which will look at the impact of medical marijuana on patients in New Mexico. Dr. Diatz said, “The idea of it really has more to do with what my own experience has been as a physician working in pain clinic and seeing folks who’ve benefitted.”

Patients have to find doctors that will recommend medical marijuana just as doctors and nurse practitioners have to seek out patients that qualify. Dr. Florian Birkmayer is featured in Dr. Diatz’ documentary, he specializes in holistic care and says that there aren’t very many physicians of his type in New Mexico. He said, “If I have something [marijuana] with firsthand experience that I can see is better, and not have to prescribe something with horrible side effects, I’m morally obliged to do that.”

Birkmayer personally visits New Mexicann Natural Medicine, Ultra Health and Fruit of the Earth Organics regularly to speak with new potential patients. He speaks with many patients with PTSD.

New Mexico now has several businesses dedicated to just helping patients become certified. Peace Cannabis Cards is one of those businesses. Elora McMinn of Peace Cannabis Cards said, “We do come across a lot of people who come in and say, ‘My doctor won’t let me do any of this, they won’t agree with it, how do I proceed?’ We’re for those people who don’t have [cannabis-friendly] doctors.”