Monday , November 12 2018
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Drug Policy Alliance’s Meeting in New Mexico Discusses Marijuana Legalization

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Drug Policy Alliance held a meeting regarding marijuana legalization in New Mexico in an effort to educate the locals about the benefits of legalization. The meeting was also held to aid residents in understanding the process of making a passed measure a law.

Locals were invited to come to the meeting and voice their questions or concerns surrounding marijuana legalization, Albuquerque Journal reports.

Drug Policy Alliance Representative Jessica Gelay said, “Deming is an important part of rural New Mexico. It’s somewhere that we are interested in building support and talking to people about issues as it’s close to the border. We want to know how people living in Deming feel.”

The meeting was less than one-sided. Both the benefits since legalization and struggles that other states have had were discussed. Some of the uses for the marijuana tax revenues generated in other states were also mentioned.

It is suggested that most of those in attendance already support legal recreational marijuana; their purpose for attendance was purely for information purposes. Only a few of those in opposition of legalization were present at the meeting.

Jacob Romero, who attended the meeting, said, “It helped grow my ambition. This meeting shows that more people in our community are being open about it. I learned there are a lot more people in the community who are for it, but they are not showing faces.”

Romero has a favorable opinion on legal marijuana and has difficulty understanding the unbalance and injustice regarding legislation regarding marijuana.

Some of the trouble with increased support is that many of the high-profile politicians in the state oppose legalizing marijuana. This includes Senator John Arthur Smith, Representative Dona Irwin, Candie Sweester and Vicki Chavez.