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New Rules Created for New Mexico’s Marijuana Producers

New Mexico Marijuana Producers

New Mexico has adopted new rules for marijuana production in the state. The list of approved producers will become public information and available on the New Mexico Department of Health website.

The changes come following a lawsuit filed by Peter St. Cyr, a freelance journalist, and the New Mexico Foundation for Open Government, according to Santa Fe New Mexican.

The publishing of those applying to produce marijuana will also be included in the published list. The lawsuit came about from the argument that the New Mexico health department was violating public records laws by withholding the names of marijuana producers.

The state has roughly 21,000 registered medical marijuana patients. Patient information will not be released.

New Mexico’s health department has been working feverishly to rework the rules since July 2015. Governor Susana Martinez ordered the list of marijuana producers to be publicized for transparency purposes. Upon the conclusion of a hearing held in January, the final verdict was given to the health department.

Producers’ contact information, home addresses and other sensitive personal information will be withheld from publishing.

Additional revisions were put in place to allow for couriers to deliver medical marijuana from producers to facilities for manufacturing and lab testing. Changes to the existing rules, and the list of marijuana producers statewide will be published on Monday, February 29, 2016.