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How and Why You Should Be Juicing Raw Marijuana


Juicing raw marijuana won’t get you high, but it will provide your body with a healthy dose of cannabinoids. In raw marijuana, the non-psychoactive cannabinoid, THCa, is highly present. It isn’t until THCa is heated that it converts to THC, the cannabinoid which creates psychoactive effects.

Benefits of Juicing Raw Marijuana

Some cannabinoids aid in blocking glutamate production. Glutamate forms oxidized molecules that kill off brain cells. If someone is at risk for stroke, this could help prevent some damage to the brain.

Raw marijuana can also help reduce inflammation and muscles spasms, while working to combat other immune system disorders.

Some cannabinoids can even help improve memory and cognitive clarity. For those with brain damage or a traumatic brain injury, it may help boost the cognition, in a non-psychoactive manner. It may also be beneficial to those with dementia and other cognitive loss-related ailments.

Millions of people experience insomnia. Cannabinoid receptors can be stimulated via raw marijuana use to relax the mind and body to promote a healthy night’s sleep. Depression and anxiety may also be reduced by ingesting raw marijuana juice, as it may help balance moods throughout the day.

Cravings for harmful drugs may be reduced with raw marijuana. Higher concentrations of CBD can be beneficial in getting through a drug craving successfully.

How to Juice Raw Marijuana

First and foremost, you need fresh marijuana cut from the plant that has not been cured. If you do not have cultivation rights yourself, get in touch with a local dispensary, cultivator or caregiver.

Make sure the marijuana is organically grown without chemicals and pesticides.

If leaves are attached to the buds, use them too. There aren’t as many cannabinoids in the leaves, but there is some value to them. Leaves may also be cheaper to use if that’s what a cultivator has, but buds plus leaves are much more beneficial.

Once you have your material, soak the buds in room temperature water for up to an hour. The water should barely cover the marijuana.

Next, put the soaked buds into a standard juicer. Use one-half ounce at a time to prevent clogging the machine.

After juicing enough marijuana for your needs, strain the liquid through a cheesecloth to get out any small pieces of buds that may be in there. Also empty the pulp container and strain that through the cheesecloth.

Using the Juice

Feel free to try the raw marijuana juice by itself, but fair warning: most people don’t like the taste. Instead, combine the juice into your favorite smoothie, fruit juice or yogurt combination. It can also be added to fruit-infused teas or made into ice cubes with herbs to chill a drink.

If you run out of juice combinations, consider using it in a vinaigrette to toss over a salad.

When you want to feel better but CBD isn’t enough and you don’t want to get high, then juicing raw marijuana is a great option. Start with small portions and increase as you see fit. Also, cannabinoid profiles in raw marijuana will change along with marijuana strains.