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Raw Magnetic Bamboo Rolling Tray


f you take your roll-ups serious this bamboo rolling tray by Raw is the perfect smoking accessory for you. This rolling tray is made from the finest quality bamboo and it has been made with an eye for detail. With this rolling tray you will have everything you need to roll-up within reach.

The Raw Magnetic Bamboo Rolling Tray is equipped with four holes on the top that measure 60mm, 35mm, 16mm, 52mm in diameter (from left to right). These holes are the perfect size to hold your stash jar, grinder, lighter and other accessories. The two sluts underneath will hold your regular and kingsize rolling papers.

The main rolling platform of the rolling tray is equipped with round edges, which prevents your herbs and tobacco from getting stuck in the corners. A handy magnetic scoop is placed in the middle to help you scoop up your tobacco mix into the paper, the four small holes can hold your poker, tips or even your pre-rolls.

Four foam feet on the bottom of the tray keep the tray in place and prevent it from moving around while in use. They also prevent the rolling tray from scratching any surfaces.

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