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U.S. Marijuana Industry Jobs Estimated to Triple by 2025

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A recent estimate suggests that the number of people employed in the U.S. marijuana industry could reach 630,000 by 2025. These jobs would consist of trimmers, cultivators, writers, budtenders, manufacturers and other supportive staff.

Many employees would work indirectly with the marijuana industry, such as security guards, marketers, sales representatives, accountants and legal staff, USA Today reports.

Arcview and BDS collectively determined that there were about 170,000 people working in some area of the marijuana industry in 2017. They also predict that 99,000 people in California will be employed in the marijuana industry by 2021.

John Dillinger is a marijuana industry transplant and former IRS auditor. He’s now a CPA serving some of California’s marijuana businesses. He said, “One of the local clients [in the marijuana industry] that contacted me was just so excited to find a CPA that would work with them.”

Age diversity in the marijuana industry indicates that essentially anyone from any walk of life can enter the industry, and if they work hard, they have a great chance at being successful. In medical marijuana dispensaries, a lot of the budtenders are medical marijuana cardholders themselves, so it’s patients helping patients in many markets.

The notable employment estimations show just how strong the U.S. marijuana industry is and how much stronger it is expected to become.

Jobs can be found by contacting marijuana industry businesses as well as online via these sites:

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