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New Mexico Dispensaries Say Marijuana Demand Is Outpacing Supply

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New Mexico allows 21 medical conditions for medical marijuana use. According to providers, demand exceeds the supply.

The state’s regulation of the medical marijuana program is causing the supply issues, KOB 4 News reports. Prices are also inflated, costing patients more for their medicine. Producers submitted reports showing increases in 2016 from the same time a year prior.

Ultra Health is the state’s top provider. Regarding common conditions, Leonard Salgado of Ultra Health said, “It’s chronic pain, cancer, PTSD and more patients are enrolling every day.”

Ultra Health is planning litigations against the state again requesting an increase in the amount of plants they’re allow to grow.

Salgado said, “From 2015 to 2017 the patient population has grown by over 157 percent. We as producers are capped at 450 plants. That’s the cap.”

The New Mexico Department of Health said, “The New Mexico Department of Health is always committed to reviewing the overall operation of the state’s Medical Cannabis Program (MCP) in order to ensure patients have safe access to medicine. That’s why, within the last two years, we tripled the number of plants producers can grow from 150 to 450.”

Salgado wants, he said, “The plant count to be aligned with the growth of the program.”

Salgado mentioned that New Mexico patients will have to continue to pay more than patients in nearby states until a change is made.