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Black Leaf’s 3-arm Perc Ice Bong with Ashcatcher

By: New Mexico Medical Marijuana Directory Information News Maps  |   Posted : Jan.28.14  |  In:  Bongs, Pipes, and More,Dans Stash,Marijuana News

Are you looking for a strong, yet smooth hitting bong?

Well the 3-arm and Ashcatcher functions of Black Leaf’s Perc Ice Bong will let you smoke in peace while keeping your bong nice and clean. Enjoy getting medicated in style.

A curvy silhouette and blue glass accents make this percolator ice bong from Black Leaf a beautiful piece of glass art to have in your home. It features a clear 3-arm tree perc for diffusion and is equipped with blue colored ice notches for smooth, cool smoke. This bong comes complete with an 18.8mm diffuser downpipe and a blue glass ashcatcher that keeps ash and debris out of your bong water!

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