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Nation Reacts To Toddler Given Medical Marijuana

By: New Mexico Medical Marijuana Directory Information News Maps  |   Posted : May.01.11  |  In:  Medical Marijuana News
Spokane, Wash. — The medical marijuana raids in Spokane Thursday brought a strong reaction from patients.

Patients like 2 year old Cash Hyde depend on the drug for pain relief.

Hyde’s dad gave him medical marijuana to help him through high-dose chemotherapy for a stage 4 brain tumor.


“When you have to watch your kid, and there’s nothing you can do. Or, you’re told there’s nothing you can do, it’s very hard. You feel helpless, you feel inadequate, you’re just kinda lost,” said Mike Hyde.

He defied doctors to give his son cannabis oil in his feeding tube, and believes it saved the boys life. It helped his son have the will to eat after 40 days, and allowed doctors to wean him off of an anti-nausea cocktail.

People across the country commented on Cash Hyde’s story. That response is mostly positive.

His fight against cancer is finished, but his dad knows that the fight to make medical marijuana accessible is nowhere close.

“The only way for medical patients to benefit from cannabis is for us to have it legalized fully. Until it’s fully legalized, police and law enforcement will continue to harass and invade patients’ rights, and take their medicine away,” Hyde said.

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