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Medical marijuana patient restrictions in New Mexico

By: New Mexico Medical Marijuana Directory Information News Maps  |   Posted : Apr.20.11  |  In:  Medical Marijuana News

New Mexico medical marijuana patients are protected by law in many cases. However, it is still illegal to:

  • Possess or use cannabis in a school bus or public vehicle, on school grounds or property, in the workplace of the patient or primary caregiver, or at a public park, recreation center, youth center or other public place.
  • Sell, distribute, dispense or transfer cannabis to a person not registered by the NM-DOH.
  • Obtain or transport cannabis outside New Mexico
  • Possess cannabis on federal property (national parks, federal courthouse, immigration checkpoints, etc)
  • Possess more than the maximum six (6) ounces of usable cannabis, unless they have been licensed to do so.

The law does not provide protection on federal property such as:

  • airports
  • immigration check-points
  • reservations
  • federal parks

AND REMEMBER: It is still illegal to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of cannabis!

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