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Find the latest and greatest vaporizers on planet Earth
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Medical marijuana bongs and pipes

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New Mexico Medical Marijuana Reviews

Marijuana Strain Reviews

Find the best medical marijuana strain for you

Medical Marijuana Gear and Products

From bongs to brownies, we try to review as many of the industry’s best medical marijuana products. We’ve also included user comments, so feel free to let the world know what you think of these products. And if you have a product you want to tell the world about, let us know.

marijuana joint burning

Roll it up: Joint and Blunt Gear

Enjoy consuming your medicine the good old fashion way? We got the down low on the best best rolling papers, blunt papers and other rolling supplies.

Marijuana Bongs

Bongs, Pipes, and More

A bong filters marijuana smoke through water, scrubbing it of many impurities. Sometimes hard on the lungs, but always easy on the mind. Find the best bongs and pipes in New Mexico. Not only mainstream companies, but local glass artists as well.

Arizona marijuana reviews

Medical Marijuana Reviews

Dank, buds, pot, nugs, mary jane…whatever you want call it, you’ll find it here. We review medical marijuana in Arizona and give you the low down on where to find the best marijuana in Arizona.



Vaporizers are becoming a medicating favorite for patients that prefer to avoid the harsh smoke that comes with most pipes. Vaporizers heat the cannabinoids into a vapor without burning the plant material.

Lights, ballasts and electricity.

Edibles – Coming Soon

Smoking marijuana isn’t your cup of tea? Try eating it. Or even drinking it. The active ingredients in marijuana can easily be transferred to food. Patients that cannot or do not want to smoke can add their medicine to their daily diet.

Nutrients needed to grow medical cannabis.

Topicals – Coming Soon

The active ingredients in marijuana are cannabinoids, which can be absorbed through the skin. Rubbing marijuana infused creme on your sore knee won’t get you high, but it works great on Osgood-Schlatter disease.

Marijuana tincture

Tinctures – Coming Soon

Until cannabis was banned in 1937, tinctures were the primary type of cannabis medicines. Tinctures are essentially alcohol extractions of marijuana that are consumed by putting drops under the tongue.

Marijuana Seeds


There are hundreds of cannabis strands. And these days you can find hundreds of seed companies selling those strands. Know what to look for and who to buy from.

420 and marijuana clothing

420 Clothing

Find marijuana and 420 t-shirts, hoodies, hats and more. Also find products made with hemp.

Trimming and garden upkeep.

Growing Equipment

Lights, hydro kits, nutrients, climate controls, fans, filters, CO2 regulators, insulators, solar panels, generators, growing mediums, pH testers, etc, etc…

Trimming and garden upkeep.

Other Marijuana Gear

All of the other goodies that come along with medication. Whether it be stainless steel grinders or fancy lighters, you’ll find it here.


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