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Senator Seeking To Legalize Marijuana in New Mexico

By: dank  |   Posted : Jan.21.13  |  In:  Dans Stash,Featured News

Colorado and Washington have both legalized marijuana for adults. Each state now regulates and taxes their marijuana industry, much like alcohol. With this progressive law, brings about other states searching to increase state revenues via marijuana legalization.

Senator Jerry Ortiz y Pino, D-Albuquerque, is looking into legalizing marijuana for adults in New Mexico. He doesn’t feel that the state would pass the law yet, but he is laying the foundation. He knows legalizing and taxing marijuana is an intelligent way to deal with stopping drug cartels and increasing the state’s revenue.

Sen. Ortiz y Pino is hoping to get a proposed constitutional amendment passed by both chambers of Legislature, then it would be put on New Mexico’s general election ballot in 2014, where voters will decide if marijuana should be legalized for adults in New Mexico.

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