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The T-Vape 2.0 Vaporizer

Marijuana Product Review

T-Vape 2.0
Do you wish you had a vaporizer with an oven (chamber) large enough to load a nug? Well, we found a vaporizer that can fulfill your wishes!

The T-Vape Version 2.0 vaporizer is the ultimate vaporizer. Its patented “tube oven” has adjustable temperature options and no exposed heating elements, which makes the T-Vape 2.0 completely combustion free. With the T-Vape 2.0, you get a vaporizer that truly vaporizes your dry herbs, unlike other vaporizers that use tiny coil heating elements that tend to burn your dry herbs. Furthermore, the patented tube oven makes cleaning and refilling the vaporizer quicker and easier than most vaporizers.

The T-Vape 2.0 comes with two battery sizes and two tube oven attachments which allow you to turn the T-Vape 2.0 into four different sizes: mini, short, medium, and tall. So whether you need a mini pocket-sized vape or a large party-sized vape, you’ll have the capabilities.T-Vape Vaporizer 2.0

Accessories included with the T-Vape 2.0:
1 x 900mah Battery
1 x 2200mah Battery
2 x Battery Compartments (Short & Long)
1 x Short Tube Oven
1 x Long Tube Oven
1 x Extender Tube
2 x Mouthpieces
1 x Cleaning Stick
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Wall Charger
1 x User Manual

The T-Vape 2.0’s temperature ranges from 390º to 420º and is available in three colors: black, blue, and red.

The T-Vape 2.0 is available for purchase from VaporNation, where you can find the largest selection of vaporizers at the lowest prices with free shipping on all orders.

Marijuana Product Review

Liquid Freezer Vaporizer Pipe

Marijuana Product Review

VaporizerThis pipe can really vaporize well!

Here’s your chance to get a Black Leaf liquid freezer glass pipe for under $25 bucks. This is a keeper and makes a great gift too, but you better order one for yourself or you’ll wish you had kept it. You can use it as a vaporizer pipe and the inner workings have 4 pearl chambers to slow and cool the smoke. Easy to clean and it comes in a killer gift box.

Place your Black Leaf freezer pipe on ice for about 15 minutes and your ready for an icy cool draw for the length of the bowl. Replace the coolant with vodka or rum for example. This glass freezer pipe has 2 feet so you can set it down, and the Black Leaf logo is blazoned on the glass stem in gold with black outline. This is a classic glass freezer pipe and the velvet lined box makes your Black Leaf vaporizing glass freezer pipe worth twice this price.

Buy one today!

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The DabR Vaporizer

Marijuana Product Review

DabR Pen Vaporizer

Finally, DabR introduces a 4-in-1 pen vaporizer for dry blends, solid concentrates and liquid. Designed to deliver quick potent hits from the smallest possible quantity. DabR’s compact black ceramic-coated steel wire heats up in only a few seconds for a pure smooth vape toke. Simply charge your DabR pen vaporizer, turn it on and your set.

DabR pen Vape automatically turns off after 10 seconds to protect the coil in the atomizer from burning out. DabR pen vape is packaged in a brilliant color box ideal for storage and makes a great gift. Your DabR pen vape comes complete with wall charger and instructions. Length is 4.3 inches.

Get yours today!

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Black Leaf Vaporizer

Marijuana Product Review

Black Leaf - OiL Glass Vaporizer Pipe

Black Leaf’s Glass Vaporizer is inexpensive and functional!

Check out this Black Leaf OIL glass vaporizer hand pipe made of quality borosilicate glass. It has the usual killer Black Leaf OIL logo and is just over 6 inches long. We love the stable marble stand, allowing you to cool your Leaf OIL glass hand pipe with no worries.

Best part is this OIL hand pipe vaporizer is less than $15 bucks!

Get yours today!

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Ploom’s Pax Vaporizer Review

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The Pax vaporizer is a medical marijuana patient’s dream. With its aluminum body and smooth design, Ploom’s Pax vaporizer is a must have for all types of smokers.

The Pax vaporizer is clean, compact, and vaporizes most loose-leaf products for inhalation. The vaporizer is easy to use and state-of-the-art. It doesn’t vaporize smoking oils, but practically all types of smokable leaf substances will vaporize wonderfully which allows you to smoke discretely because of the “scentless” smell that vaporizers produce.’s reviewers certainly enjoyed the simplicity of use and the cool color options of Ploom’s Pax vaporizer.

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PUFFiT Portable Inhaler Vaporizer Review

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Do you ever have dreams of being able to easily and discretely smoke in public?  All of us at sure have had that dream.  Now with the new PUFFiT portable inhaler vaporizer you can smoke just about anywhere at any time without anyone ever noticing.

The sleek design looks just like an asthma inhaler and allows you to insert .25 grams of shredded herbs into it.  Once the herb is inserted, simply wait for the herb to heat to your selected temperature and for the LED light to turn green, then inhale the vaporized herbs.

The inhaler vaporizer is not only discrete because it looks like a common medical device. But it also vaporizes your herbs making them practically scentless.   You’ll notice an amazing difference in the reduction of smell as compared to igniting herbs with a lighter.

So go enjoy your new stealthy smoking device.

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Iolite Handheld Butane Vaporizer

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Oglesby & Butler came out with their portable vaporizers in 2009. This version is called the Iolite Handheld. It is butane powered and is made to keep the heat at exactly 190 degrees, which is perfect for vaporizing. Not only is it easy on the lungs, but it makes smoking in public much easier as well.

Volcano Vaporizer

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The Volcano Vaporizer, made by Storz & Bickel is a great vaporizer. Its a high quality vaporizer made of metal and hard plastic that can take a beating. This is not like the crappy vaporizers you tried in college, this is a high-tech piece of equipment.

Its easy to use and very effective. We used the one with the digital display, making it super easy.

The chamber holds about 4 grams. The finer you grind the medical marijuana, the more dense the smoke will be. We packed it super full and it still did a good job of making vapor when other cheaper vaporizers would have failed.

The Volcano Vaporize isn’t a cheap vaporizer. In fact, its one of the most expensive.  The digital version costs around $700. There are a lot of online stores that offer significant discounts, do make sure you price shop for a good deal.

Volcano Vaporizer medical marijuana