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New Mexico Medical Marijuana

New study of New Mexico medical marijuana program has revealed that the demand for medical marijuana has outgrown the current available supply, causing prices to skyrocket.

The survey was commissioned by the New Mexico Department of Health. It found that the number of licensed medical marijuana cultivators has dropped, while the number of active patients certified for medical has increased by 1,200 patients from earlier this year.

The lack of supply is forcing some medical marijuana patients to the black market because prices are lower and the quality is better, according to the survey.

“I have had to purchase from the street at times, and the quality is usually better, and it’s cheaper. That’s not right,” commented one New Mexico medical marijuana patient.

The demand for medical marijuana is partly a result of the program’s new expansion of qualifying conditions. Last week New Mexico’s medical marijuana advisory board recommended the addition of three more qualifying medical conditions, which included Parkinson’s disease and traumatic brain injury. Post-traumatic stress disorder and chronic pain the most common conditions.

New Mexico medical marijuanaSince the partial decriminalization of the noble marijuana flower in New Mexico, any quantity less than 8 ounces is not a felony. Of course if you get caught with 8 ounces of medical marijuana you will pay up to a $5,000.00 fine and could do up to 1.5 years in jail, to curb you from exercising your health freedom ever again. It’s good news, New Mexico has turned their hostile policies toward marijuana down a notch, but buyer, seller and smoker beware, New Mexico still has a ways to go on their medical marijuana laws.

For example, growing even one tiny hemp plant in New Mexico will cost you a felony charge, a fine up to $10,000.00 and maybe 9 years in jail. Hash is basically compressed marijuana flowers, but for some reason its possession penalty is still quite harsh. If you get caught with any amount of hashish or other concentrated forms of marijuana, expect a misdemeanor charge, a $1,000.00 fine and up to 1 year in jail. I’m sure you agree, a year is a long time for smoking anything, especially a compressed form of marijuana.

It may not be a felony for personal marijuana use, but don’t think New Mexico has legalized it yet; it’s clearly still strictly prohibited. Seriously folks, nearly a “decade in jail,” plus a $10,000 fine for growing a hemp plant. What are they thinking? No one deserves that severe of a response for growing herb.

In New Mexico even if you possess paraphernalia you could do one year in jail and pay a $1000 fine, but here’s the clincher, if there’s a minor in your presence with paraphernalia, you could be charged with a felony. One more point, if you had a driver’s license when you were busted, say good bye to that, you can plan on walking to the unemployment line from here on out.

This Dravidian type of punishment simply keeps the marijuana seizure laws intact, so they can take away everything you own, just for partaking of a common medicinal herb whose only crime is being kind. Until New Mexico gets with the program and starts fighting the federal preemption of marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act, I’d move to another state or be darn sure you obey their state health official “distribution system” to the letter. New Mexico may not charge a marijuana user with a felony in every case anymore, but one thing is clear, they will still treat you like a criminal if you break their law.

Kyle Kushman is a world-renowned medical marijuana cultivator and a three-time High Times Medical Cannabis Cub Medal Winner, an now he has officially gone digital. On Feb. 16, at the 2nd Annual High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in Los Angeles, Kyle Kushman launched his new website,, in front of thousands of High Times Medical Cannabis Cup attendees.

Kyle Kushman is known as a medical marijuana cultivation expert and is referred to by many people as a “mastercultivator.” Kyle has had his articles featured around the world and in mainstream marijuana publications such as High Times. He has also taught advanced horticulture classes at the medical marijuana school known as Oaksterdam University in Oakland, California.

Kyle continues to achieve advances in medical marijuana growing techniques. He pledges to make medical marijuana: “simply the purest, cleanest medicine possible.” Kyle’s latest innovation is Pure Life Veganics, which is a new line of Vegan-organic (Veganic) nutrients for medical marijuana (fand any types of plants).

The website consists of free services such as education and resources about medical marijuana cultivation. Kyle shares his own personal cultivation techniques and provides reviews of marijuana products that he personally recommends. The website also has a message board (forum), a blog, live web chats with Kyle (starting Tues, Feb 26.), a photo gallery, and more.

You can meet Kyle Kushman at the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in Denver on April 20-21. Kyle will have a booth at the event and will be taking pictures and signing autographs for Cup attendees.

A New Mexico State Representative introduced the House Bill 465 last week. Bill 465 would reduce penalties for adults who possess small amounts of marijuana.

The proposed bill reduces the penalty for possession of up to 4 ounces of marijuana to a civil penalty while increasing fines and taking away the potential for jail time for any amount up to 8 ounces of marijuana.

New Mexico’s current laws state that possession of up to 1 ounce of marijuana is a petty misdemeanor crime with fines and possible jail time. Whereas, over 1 ounce and up to 8 ounces of marijuana is a misdemeanor crime with large fines and possible jail time of up to one year.

US: Gary Johnson: ‘Pot Smokers May Be The Largest Untapped Voting Bloc’
HuffingtonPost / Luke Johnson / 10,4,2011

Former New Mexico Governor and GOP presidential candidate Gary Johnson told Outside Magazine that legalizing marijuana was a popular political stance.

"Pot smokers may be the largest untapped voting bloc in the country," he said. "A hundred million Americans have smoked marijuana. You think they want to be considered criminals?"

Johnson is one of two better-known libertarian-leaning candidates in the GOP primary race, along with Texas Rep. Ron Paul. However, the former governor has found himself excluded from several debates and registers at only about one percent in national polls.

Johnson has told several publications that he smoked marijuana. He told The Weekly Standard that he smoked from 2005 to 2008 to alleviate pain after a paragliding accident in Hawaii. He signaled to The 420 Times that he only smoked marijuana after pain pills didn’t work, and that marijuana helped "tremendously." Previously, he joked with The New Republic about his younger days, saying, "I never exhaled"!

:hail: Same story,,longer,,at The Hill,,congress’s blog,,and comments are open at both. Here

CO: Pizza delivery guy calls cops on customer who smoked marijuana / Will Ripley / 10.4,2011

AURORA – A man says he got much more than a large pizza when he called Papa John’s for delivery – he got a visit from Aurora Police.

The man was smoking medical marijuana just before the pizza arrived on Friday evening. The delivery driver smelled the marijuana and called the cops. The Papa John’s employee, who was not identified, was concerned because the customer’s 9-year-old daughter was in the house.Officers performed a child welfare check and left without filing any charges.

The man who ordered the pizza, Frederick Smith, contacted 9NEWS because he says he was targeted for doing something that’s perfectly legal in Colorado.

"I wanted to be able to use medical marijuana and not feel harassed," Smith said. Smith has a medical marijuana card. He says a doctor prescribed the drug for chronic pain he suffered in a bicycle accident.

"It is daily pain relief for me. I smoked some medical marijuana to relieve by knee pain," Smith said. Smith says his 9-year-old-daughter was in the bathroom and insists he never uses the drug in front of her. After smoking a bowl, Smith ordered a pizza from Papa John’s. Their meal was interrupted minutes later by what he describes as "a very loud banging" at the door. It was Aurora police.

"A pizza guy had actually called in the complaint," Smith said.
The delivery man said there was a strong smell of marijuana and a young child in the house. "I was definitely not smoking marijuana in front of my children, which is what he said he saw," Smith said.

Smith says Aurora Police searched the house and left. He called Papa John’s to complain and also filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Smith says Papa John’s never even apologized.

"I’m going to try and bring a case of slander against them," Smith said.
9NEWS Legal Analyst Scott Robinson says the pizza company is not liable because the driver actions are not part of his job description.

"I can understand his outrage but he’s not going to get anywhere trying to sue Papa John’s," Robinson said.

Robinson says, even though medical marijuana is legal in Colorado, people who smoke it are still breaking federal law. Robinson says a jury would likely find that the Papa John’s employee was justified in calling the police.

"He was acting as a private citizen in notifying the authorities. Anyone who calls the police is almost surely immune from any lawsuit," Robinson said.

Papa John’s representatives and the delivery driver declined to speak on camera to 9NEWS. They did send the following statement:
"Papa John’s of Colorado wants to stand behind the decision that this delivery driver made. He was acting as a concerned citizen and for what he believes was the best interests of our community."

Smith insists what happened to him was wrong. "I was astounded that a pizza driver of all people would be the person to start trouble about medical marijuana. This is no laughing matter. What he did was serious," Smith said.

US: MTV Wants ‘Marijuana Addicts’ For Reality Show
TokeoftheTown / Steve Elliott / 10,4,2011


Just in case you aren’t already sick to death of MTV’s endless stream of brain-dead "reality shows" starring stupid, annoying people you’d never want in your life or on your TV, there’s — you guessed it! — plenty more on the way.

The network which may be single-handedly responsible for a precipitous lowering of the average American IQ is now looking for "marijuana addicts" to provide its slack-jawed audience with entertainment.

The "addicts" will be featured on MTV’s "True Life," which is what you get when you combine a network too stingy to invest in actual programming content with pathetic, whiney wanna-be-stars who’d gladly eviscerate their mothers for 15 minutes of fame.

Or, as MTV would have it, the show, um, "covers important social and personal issues for young people in a straightforward, empathetic style that respects its participants and its impressionable viewers."

Oh, I get it! They’re impressionable, so of COURSE you must lie to them that marijuana is addictive! Makes perfect sense, if you’re an amoral showbiz douche-bag who’d peddle his mother’s wrinkled ass if he thought he could make a couple extra bucks.

"ARE YOU ADDICTED TO MARIJUANA?" a promotional piece screams. "Are you smoking so much marijuana that it’s messing up your life? Have you gone way beyond the ‘typical’ pot smoker to the point where you need weed just to feel normal?

"Do you continue to smoke despite negative consequences in your life?" the breathless promo asks. (Could they mean, like, being stoned enough to watch stupid shit like "True Life"?) "Do you want to quit but you’re finding it hard to stop?"

"Have you looked into treatment programs or support groups for marijuana addiction?" MTV wants to know. "Are you smoking large amounts of Spice or K2, a form of synthetic marijuana?"

Yeah, these irrelevant ass-wigs are so desperate for material, they’ll even take a Spice "addict." My odds are that they’ll land one of these pathetic dweebs, not cool enough to smoke actual marijuana, rather than a real, live pothead.

Well, anyway, if you "appear to be between the ages of 15-28" (remember, there’s no real life after 28 for the MTV generation) and have answers "yes" to any of these questions, MTV wants to hear your pathetic story.

They want you to send your name, age, phone number, location, a photo (mm-hm) and a brief explanation of your annoying stupid situation to, or call 718-422-0704, extension 115.

It seems quite likely that, rather than actually trying to get on the program, many of you unscrupulous pranksters might send spurious emails, or even make spurious calls, to punish these miserable fucks for promoting the idea of "marijuana addiction" in popular culture.

I just feel as if some of you unrepentant "marijuana addicts" out there might want to let them know what you think of this transparent attempt to prop up the tottering edifice of marijuana prohibition by pretending, ever-so-hard, that there’s something "wrong" with cannabis.

And of course, being a simple editor, I am powerless to stop you marijuana-addicted miscreants from engaging in such anti-social behavior.

US: World’s Largest Drug Policy Reform Conference One Month Away
October 3rd, 2011 / Allen St. Pierre / NORML

The Reform Conference is just a month away – have you secured your spot yet?
Click here to register to attend.

If you haven’t, you should soon. Booking your travel a month out will save you money. And you won’t want to miss what former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson and current California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom have to say at the Opening Plenary!

The rest of the conference program is packed full with trainings, roundtable discussions addressing controversies within the movement, and panels exploring and sharing innovative approaches to reform challenges. Thursday evening you can stand up for justice at the No More Drug War rally at nearby MacArthur Park, hosted by dozens of local California organizations and emceed by KPFK radio personality Lalo Alcaraz.

And the activities and highlights don’t stop there…
Very soon we’ll be announcing three special Mobile Workshops – learning sessions that will take a select group of conference-goers out of the hotel and into the local community.

You’re also invited to host informal Community Meetings of your own during the conference. These meetings are meant to be your opportunity to organize reformers around action plans. They take place in open session rooms in the mornings, evenings and at lunch.

What do these Mobile Workshops and Community Meetings have in common? They’re only available to registered conference attendees – and they’ll be limited by space availability!

So register now…and I’ll see you in Los Angeles!

Stefanie Jones
Event Manager
Drug Policy Alliance

US: Nation’s drug czar says Memphis Rep. Steve Cohen is wrong about marijuana
CA / Bartholomew Sullivan / 10.3.2011

WASHINGTON – The director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, responding to a letter from U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen, agreed that a marijuana conviction can lead to “unnecessary hardships” but said he disagreed about legalizing cannabis.

R. Gil Kerlikowske, sometimes called the “Drug Czar,” said the Obama administration shared Cohen’s concerns about “providing relief and dignity to individuals in the last stages of their life,” but not the Memphis Democrat’s support for medical marijuana.

“We ardently support research into determining what components of the marijuana plant can be used as medicine,” Kerlikowske wrote in the letter dated today.

The drug czar also disagreed with Cohen about not listing marijuana as a dangerous narcotic, noting that scientific research has concluded that the rate of dependence on marijuana is “nearly twice as prevalent when compared to any other illicit psychoactive substance.”

Kerlikowske also noted the marijuana use by young people leads to lower academic performance, fatal drugged-driving accidents and visits to hospital emergency rooms. He said the Department of Human Services reported 376,000 ER visits related to pot use in 2009.

The Obama administration approaches the nation’s drug problem not as a “war on drugs,” and realizes “we will never be able to arrest our way out of our drug problem,” Kerlikowske wrote. That’s reflected in the drug control budget of $10.4 billion for education and treatment compared to $4.3 billion for incarceration programs, he said.

Cohen wrote the director last month seeking to influence the upcoming 2012 National Drug Control Strategy. In the Sept. 12 letter, he said the office had been using the “wrong approach” and said marijuana should be removed from Schedule 1 of the Controlled Substances Act because it’s not as addictive as cocaine, heroin or methamphetamines. He also said a conviction for marijuana possession has unintended consequences.

Cohen is an original co-sponsor of a bill to allow states to “legalize, regulate, tax and control” marijuana without federal interference.

My comment:

claygooding writes:
""He said the Department of Human Services reported 376,000 ER visits related to pot use in 2009.""

None of the visits were caused by pot,,they were the number of people that listed pot as drugs they had taken recently on the admission form.

“We ardently support research into determining what components of the marijuana plant can be used as medicine,” Kerlikowske wrote in the letter dated today.

The main active ingredient,THC,,has already been synthesized and sold by big pharmacy,,it was the devil in marijuana for 20 years until the pharmaceutical companies synthesized it,,think back America.

The drug czar is required to do anything necessary to keep any schedule 1 drug from being legalized,,anything,including creating false science and skewing statistics,,such as the hospital admissions statistic he created.

Wake up America,,you are being played.

The ONDCP budget is 16 billion dollars a year,,and the majority of that is spent intervening,,arresting and convicting marijuana,,,mostly simple possession and losing marijuana from his plate will impact his budget severely.

Wake up America,,you are being played